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IOSS Solution

Click2Send’s IOSS Solution is designed to simplify VAT compliance for e-commerce businesses importing goods into the EU under the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme.

IOSS Key Features

Easy Registration

Guidance & assistance with registering for the IOSS scheme, streamlining VAT declaration and payment processes.

Automated VAT Calculation

Accurate calculation of VAT based on destination country rates, ensuring compliance with EU VAT regulations.

Transparent VAT Collection

Collection of VAT from customers at checkout for goods valued under €150, providing upfront pricing.

Seamless Integration

Integration with e-commerce platforms to display inclusive VAT prices, reducing post-delivery surprises.

Efficient Customs Clearance

Integration with customs processes for clearance of imported goods, ensuring compliance with EU import regulations.

Electronic Filing

Automated filing of IOSS declarations and VAT payments to EU tax authorities, minimizing manual errors.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generation of reports on VAT collected, sales volumes, and compliance status to monitor business performance and regulatory adherence.

Compliance Updates

Regular updates and compliance checks to adapt to changes in EU VAT regulations, keeping businesses compliant.

Expert Support

Access to VAT experts for guidance and support, ensuring businesses navigate IOSS requirements effectively and stress free.

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