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Partnered with over 50 shippers both domestically and internationally, allowing you to take advantage of their discounted rates.

Shipping Made Easy

Our extensive network ensures you get the best shipping options at competitive prices, enhancing your logistics efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We charge nothing for the use of our platform. Enjoy full access to our advanced features and extensive shipping network without any subscription fees, making it easier and more cost-effective to manage your shipping needs.

Evri 24 Hour Drop Off

45x35x16cm MAX

Asset 1@4x-8
  • 0 - 15kg
  • £2.79 - £4.50
  • 28% Average Saving
  • 0 - 15kg
  • £3.06 - £6.40

International Shipping Rates

Click2Send offers competitive international shipping rates through its extensive network of over 50 shippers.

This allows you to choose the best shipping options based on price, speed, and reliability, ensuring your global logistics are both efficient and affordable.

Click2Send offers competitive international shipping rates as well as comprehensive assistance with duties, customs, and taxes.

Our expertise ensures that all necessary documentation and compliance requirements are met, simplifying the international shipping process.

By managing these complexities for you, Click2Send helps prevent delays and unexpected costs, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery experience for your global shipments.

Domestic Shipping Rates

Click2Send offers the cheapest rates in the UK* for domestic shipping of all sizes.

Whether you’re sending small packages or large shipments, our platform ensures you get the most cost-effective solutions without compromising on service quality.

Plus, you get full access to our comprehensive system for free, making your shipping process seamless and affordable.

*Based on a comparison of standard rates from major carriers.

Evri 24 Hour Drop Off

45x35x16cm MAX

Parcel WeightClick2SendShipstationCost Savings with Us
0 - 1kg£2.79£3.0610%
1 - 2kg£3.30£4.3030%
3 - 5kg£4.25£5.7034%
5 - 10kg£4.40£5.9034%
10 - 15kg£4.90£6.4031%
28% Average Discount

Evri 48 Hour Drop Off

45x35x16cm MAX

Parcel WeightClick2SendShipStationCost Savings with Us
0 - 1kg£2.20£2.4511%
1 - 2kg£2.40£3.3841%
3 - 5kg£3.40£4.6537%
5 - 10kg£4.00£5.1729%
10 - 15kg£4.50£5.8530%
30% Average Discount

DHL vs DPD 48 Hour

Parcel WeightClick2Send DHLShipStation DPDCost Savings with Us
1 - 3kg£4.20£5.4229%
3 - 10kg£4.30£5.6130%
11 - 20kg£4.50£5.8029%
29% Average Discount

DHL vs Parcel Force 24 Hour

Parcel WeightClick2Send DHLShipStation Parcel ForceCost Savings with Us
1 - 3kg£7.55£9.8731%
3 - 10kg£7.55£9.8731%
11 - 20kg£7.55£9.8731%
31% Average Discount

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